A couple of weeks ago we shipped out our July 2014 MYSTERY BOXES to customers who participated in the program. It was our last box shipped under the old program. Due to the success of our Mystery Boxes, we have launched a separate website – ComicBoxer the one you’re on right now! – to handle our monthly mystery box program. Consider checking it out if you haven’t already! By our calculations, both June and July’s Mystery Boxes have seen big increases in value over the initial $19.99 investment.

Here’s what was included in July’s shipment (click the images for larger versions):

grayson1Grayson #1 by Tim Seeley, Tom King, & Mikel Janin – DC Comics
This is an all-new ongoing series starring Dick Grayson, the former Nightwing and one of the most popular characters in the Bat-Family. Super Spies are in, and Grayson is aiming to show he’s got what it takes to be the greatest spy of all. This is written by Tim Seeley of Revival and Hack/Slash fame.

spread1Spread #1 by Justin Jordan & Kyle Strahm – Image Comics
Definitely reminiscent of Lone Wolf and Cub, the main character “No” is immune to a strange living virus known as “The Spread” and must protect a child which may hold the key to eliminating The Spread once and for all. Those who have read Jordan’s Luther Strode books won’t be too surprised by the action and gore found within the pages of this book!

rocket-stanleeRocket Raccoon #1 by Skottie Young: Stan Lee Lego Variant – Marvel Comics
Mark our words, this WILL be the summer of Rocket Raccoon! He’s poised to become one of the most popular characters in pop culture with the arrival of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. This book is illustrated and written by Skottie Young, and the variant we have included here features the man himself, Stan Lee – in LEGO form!

spidey2099-1Spider-Man 2099 #1 by Peter David and Will Sliney: Skottie Young Variant – Marvel Comics
Everyone’s favorite futuristic Spider-Man from the 1990s is back and this time he’s stranded in our present! Miguel O’Hara’s new adventures begin here, written by Peter David who is also Spider-Man 2099’s original creator. We have included the Skottie Young variant cover here, because Spidey covers by him have climbed in value!

lifeafter1The Life After #1 by Joshua Fialkov and Gabo – Oni Press
The Life After takes a look at a man breaking through the barriers of the monotonous afterlife, and has been getting great reviews. The story is written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, hot on the heels of his successful comic book The Bunker which is being developed for television.

Low_01-1Low #1 by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini – Image Comics
A beautiful looking comic which is set in a world where the sun is expanding, and scorches the Earth above. Humanity has retreated to the depths of the ocean while looking for an exodus to another world. Painted art by Greg Tocchini compliments Remender’s masterful writing; he’s been on fire lately with success on books such as Deadly Class and Black Science, in addition to several titles at Marvel.