Revealing April’s ComicBoxer Picks!

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THANK YOU for participating in April 2015’s MYSTERY BOX! It was another record breaking month for us, and we were pretty excited about the books in this month’s shipment. We also threw in a bonus book from Free Comic Book Day, which was on May 2nd. Exactly how did this month’s comics make the cut? Read below and find out!

rebels1Rebels #1 by Brian Wood & Andrea Mutti – Dark Horse Comics

Brian Wood takes us back to the year 1775 with Rebels, a look at the American Revolution through the eyes of Seth and Mercy Abbott. Wood is best known for his storytelling on books like DMZ, Northlanders, and The Massive. Expect his writing to draw parallels between the worlds of 1775 and 2015.







bloodshot-reborn1Bloodshot Reborn #1 by Jeff Lemire & Mico Suyan: Suyan Variant – Valiant Comics

This is the first time we’ve included a Valiant book in ComicBoxer, and we’ve included this one for good reason! Valiant is making huge headlines these days – their movie deal with Sony has paved the way for at least 5 films in the Valiant Universe, Bloodshot first among them. This comic is a great place to start for those unfamiliar with the character. Oh, and say hello to “Bloodsquirt” for us – a character drawn in the book by writer Jeff Lemire over Mico Suyan’s already fantastic art!






kaijumax-omalleyKaijumax #1 by Zander Cannon: Bryan Lee O’Malley Variant – Oni Press

Kaijumax is awesome. Don’t let the cute cover by Scott Pilgrim artist Bryan Lee O’Malley fool you – this is Orange is the New Black or Oz meets Pacific Rim. What happens when giant monsters get captured? They get sent to Kaijumax! But what if they were just trying to take care of their Kaiju family? Are some Kaiju just misunderstood? This variant has been selling for as much as $12 online!






ladymech-tablet1Lady Mechanika: Tablet of Destinies #1 by Joe Benitez & M.M. Chen – Benitez Productions

Lady Mechanika, Joe Benitez’ steampunk heroine, makes the jump from Aspen Comics to Joe’s own publishing company. This character has immense popularity, and we leaped at the chance to include the first issue of her new series in this month’s box.






Avengers_Vol_5_44_TextlessAvengers #44 by Jonathan Hickman & Stefano Caselli/Kev Walker – Marvel Comics

Secret Wars is upon us and entire universes are coming to an end. A climactic battle between Captain America and Iron Man end the current Marvel Universe as we know it. This super-sized 56 page finale is action-packed, and we’re calling it the last comic featuring both the Ultimate Universe and the 616 universe. It’s also the perfect lead-in to Secret Wars #1 coming in May.






Also, check out this video of Kevin and Ricky talking about our recent Mystery Box picks!


Thanks for being a part of ComicBoxer. May’s mystery box is one that you DO NOT want to miss!

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Behold! Here are February 2015’s Mystery Box Comics!

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THANK YOU for participating in February 2015’s MYSTERY BOX! It was our most successful month yet. How did this month’s comics make the cut? Read below and find out!

darthvader1Darth Vader #1 by Kieron Gillen & Salvador Larrocca – Marvel Comics
With Disney and Marvel behind the reigns of the Star Wars comic universe, you didn’t think they were going to stop with just the one main, ongoing title did you? Nope! And we’re thankful they didn’t because we LOVE this new ongoing Darth Vader series set directly after the Death Star’s destruction in Episode IV – a New Hope.







nameless1Nameless #1 by Grant Morrison & Chris Burnham – Image Comics

This is the first issue in a six issue miniseries by Morrisson & Burnham, and the first time they’ve collaborated on a book since their run on Batman and Robin. This book deals with the occult, the apocalypse, and the depravity of humankind. Sounds like a book that is a perfect fit for the writing of Grant Morrison! This book is also sold out of its 1st printing.






Spider-Gwen-1-Cover-Robbi-Rodriguez-720x1112Spider-Gwen #1 by Jason Latour & Robbi Rodriguez – Marvel Comics

Spider-Gwen is taking the world by storm! Her first appearance in Edge of Spider-Verse #2 already fetches over $100 a copy online. Now you’re in on the ground floor of her brand new ongoing series! The sky is the limit for this alternate universe Gwen Stacy. We’re sure that more comic appearances, tv, and perhaps even movies are in her future!






lady-m-1bLady Mechanika #4 by Joe Benitez & Peter Steigerwald  – Aspen Comics

December 2011 was the last time we saw the super popular steampunk heroine Lady Mechanika in print, and Joe Benitez finally delivers with this much-anticipated 4th issue. We can’t wait for the launch of his new Lady Mechanika series in April 2015, and this book serves as the perfect introduction.






BOOM_Cluster_001_A_MainCluster #1 by Ed Brisson & Damien Couceiro – Boom! Studios

Ed Brisson (Sheltered, Sons of Anarchy) continues to be one of the best new writers in comics, and he delivers here with Cluster #1 a sci-fi tale about a future where Earth relies on its convicts to form armies to better defend the planet from attacking alien life forms. This book is already sold out of its 1st printing.






asm-14-notoAmazing Spider-Man #14 by Dan Slott & Olivier Coipel: Phil Noto Variant – Image Comics

It’s the conclusion of the Spider-Verse story! What better way to enjoy the ending to this major Spider-Man centric event than by flipping through the pages contained behind this beautiful Phil Noto variant cover which depicts a Polaroid-style portrait of Peter Parker’s first girlfriend Gwen Stacy!






Also, check out this video of Kevin and Ricky talking about our recent Mystery Box picks!


Thanks for being a part of ComicBoxer. There are some major comic releases coming in the month of February and we know you’ll all enjoy next month’s mystery box! Happy New Year, and all the best in 2015!

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August 2014’s Mystery Box Contents Revealed!

THANK YOU to all who participated in August 2014’s MYSTERY BOX! You all should have received your comics by now (unless you are one of our international customers). We’re really excited about the picks we made this month, and we hope you will be too! As a bonus for participating in this month’s program, you will have received a special “Guardians of the Galaxy” foil sticker!

So what makes a great ComicBoxer comic? See our reasons for selecting each issue below!

comics-the-multiversity-1Multiversity #1 by Grant Morrison & Ivan Reis – DC Comics
Grant Morrison here is doing what he does best here – exploring DC’s expansive multiverse and bringing focus back to the 52 different Earths that exist in DC lore. This is the first of a series of one shots that will be released over the next several months. Are we headed for another crisis?




fadeout1The Fade Out #1 by Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips – Image Comics
The masters of noir storytelling are back in this captivating new book, which takes a look at scandal, mystery, and intrigue during 1940s Hollywood. The team behind “Fatale” are set to knock one out of the park again with this book. This is the first book from the Brubaker and Phillips since signing a 5-year deal with Image. This is a sure bet to be an issue collectors will covet.



harley-selfieHarley Quinn #9 by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti “Selfie Variant” – DC Comics
For the month of August, DC put out 22 special “Selfie” variants featuring characters on the cover taking pictures of themselves. We’ve included DC’s current queen of comics Harley Quinn here as covers featuring her are always in demand.




POP-1-CVRPOP #1 by Curt Pires & Jason Copland – Dark Horse Comics
This book supposes that the pop superstars that we idolize are merely products; creations of the world’s richest individuals. These idols have bosses, and those bosses don’t like it when work isn’t performed to their specifications, and they definitely don’t like it when one of their products escape! Artist Jason Copland and writer Curt Pires have both been named “Creators to Watch” in 2013 & 2014. BONUS: If you’ve ever wanted to see a certain Canadian music superstar get what’s coming to him, this is the book for you. No, we’re not talking about Burton Cummings.


wayward-1-brjpg-6e4d60_1280wWayward #1 by Jim Zub & Steve Cummings – Image Comics
This book is being heralded as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” for the new generation, and that’s not far off the mark. Written by Jim Zub, known for his work on Samurai Jack and Skullkickers teams with artist Steve Cummings to bring us the tale of Rori, a half-Japanese girl who just moved to Tokyo and may possess some supernatural evil-fighting powers! Lovers of teen paranormal drama and Japanese culture unite! This is the book for you.



GuardiansOfTheGalaxy_1_CoverGuardians of the Galaxy #1 (2013) by Brian Michael Bendis & Steve McNiven – Marvel Comics
Originally released in March 2013 this issue brought new life and energy to the Guardians of the Galaxy comic franchise in preparation for the movie which was released this summer. The team you fell in love with at the theater is all here: Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, Drax, and Gamora along with a special guest – Iron Man! This book was a quick sell out when it was launched and we are happy to include it in this month’s mystery box as a special thank you to our fellow ComicBoxers!


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